Five quick tips for a safe home
Five quick tips for a safe home

Five quick tips for a safe home

Our tips for a safe home

Home security is a constantly evolving concept, because burglars and thieves are constantly finding new ways to break into our homes, beat our security systems and steal our belongings. Well to this we say nay! People spend thousands of pounds on home security which is not wasted money, but we’ve compiled five easy to follow rules for you, to make homes security that little bit easier.

Five easy steps for a secure house

Step 1. Rob yourself

It may sound silly, but by pretending to burgle yourself will reveal to you any areas of your home that could be used by a burglar to gain entry.

Step 2. Lock your door

Whether your popping over to see whoever for five minutes, or just ‘nipping to the shop’, don’t even consider leaving your door unlocked. So many burglaries happen because a door or window was left unlocked, so don’t give them the opportunity.

Step3. Anybody home?

Get down to your local appliance store or even a supermarket and get stocked up on timing switches. Get lights, radio’s even televisions set to come on at different points through the day (depending on the time of year). Live by the moniker: An empty home is a burgled home.

Step 4. Have you seen my keys?

If you lose your keys, especially in a public place, even if they are handed in to lost property somewhere – change your locks. It takes seconds for a burglar to make an imprint of your key, don’t give them the chance.

Step 5. Install a burglar alarm

The best deterrent by far is a functioning burglar alarm. They form a visible deterrent externally, a noise deterrent should the burglar be audacious enough to break in but they also provide peace of mind for you.