The no-fuss approach: drain repairs without digging
The no-fuss approach: drain repairs without digging

The no-fuss approach: drain repairs without digging

Repairing a damaged drain used to call for expensive and disruptive excavations. However, thanks to the latest no-dig drain repair techniques, it’s now possible to fix faulty drains with the minimum of fuss. Drain repair specialists are experts in no-dig drain repairs so we thought we’d ask them to give us an insight into how this approach is helping their customers save time and money.

An innovative approach to drain repairs

Drains can become blocked or damaged for a wide range of reasons; from general wear and tear through to dead leaves and solidified fat. Blockages have the potential to cause cracks and problems can also arise when tree roots grow towards and into drain pipes. Regardless of the problem, it’s essential that the damage is repaired quickly before the problem has a chance to spiral out of control and the drain collapses.

Getting to the root of the problem (no pun intended) used to be – at best – time consuming or at worst impossible. However, specialist CCTV cameras designed to navigate their way around narrow drain pipes offer an ideal way to locate the fault, regardless of how inaccessible it is.

In the past damaged drains were repaired or replaced by digging them up. However, thanks to significant developments in drain repair technology, this is no longer necessary in many cases.

The most suitable no dig method of repair will depend on the size of the drain. No-dig repairs, or re-lining, are used to repair drains and sewers ranging in size from 225mm to 2500mm, whilst patching is ideal for smaller pipes of between 100mm to 1250mm. Re-lining is carried out by either inserting and inflating a resin lining, or using a lining which is ‘cured’ in situ inside the drain. Patch repairs are ideal when a pipe is only damaged in one or two small areas and involves pushing a fibreglass patch into place, before curing it with a silicate resin. All no-dig repairs offer superb strength and longevity, ensuring your drains will work reliably for decades to come.

Drain repairs design to cut costs and minimise disruption

Choosing to work with a drain repair expert who specialises in no-dig drain repair techniques offers an excellent way to minimise the cost and disruption of drain problems. This solution is ideal for home or business owners alike and can be used to resolve a whole host of issues including cracked drains, collapsed sewers and burst pipes.

Next time you call out a drain repair specialist, remember that there is more than one way to repair a drain. Regardless of whether your drains need renovating or extensive repairs are required, no-dig drain repairs offer a 21st century solution to a centuries old problem.